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Raleigh's Neighborhood Gem

Low Country Southern Style Food from the Coast Here in the Heart of Raleigh

Our Food

Glenwood Grill offers cuisine inspired by the coastal Carolinas & the American South. John Wright uses specialty purveyors from all over the nation to get the best quality ingredients while also supporting regional food artisans & emphasizing the importance of sourcing products harvested locally. We serve flavorful, elegant food, paired with a stellar wine list and professional service.

Location and hours of operation

Mon-Fri 11:30-2:30 & 5:30-10 Sat-Sun Sat: 5:30-10. Sun: Closed

Customer Testimonials

Glenwood Grill is still the

Glenwood Grill is still the best restaurant in Raleigh. They change their menu just often enough that you are always able to find something delicious. I feel that you are able to dine at Glenwood Grill and still pay attention to your health needs. Fabulous!! The management and staff are the friendliest and best in town. ~OpenTable~

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